Gallum Maru

Lord Maru


Gallum Maru, Lord of House Maru is a huge man. He is broad shouldered and sports an enormous black beard, which he braids into five black tusks. He keeps his hair long and braided, with fine blue silks wrapped around the outside.

Gallum is a loud man, with a reputation for enjoying a laugh and a drink. He has a reputation for being cunning and holding a grudge though. So many laugh along, while watching their backs.

Gallum is in charge of the operations of the Merchant wing of House Maru. He spends most of his time in The Merchants’ Guild in Ash-Akkad, but frequents his farmlands and breweries often too.

He keeps an armed escort with him at all times. They are often called the Blue hugs, but never while within earshot. His men can be rough and pushy and clear a path wherever he needs to go.


Gallum Maru

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