The Land of Al-Madinah

Eilmar's quest
Sent to fetch the Hand

After meeting Eilmar the characters are asked to go collect a relic, a mummifed hand that has been unearthed in the quarries of Orbest.

Along the way they survive a sandstorm and manage to find their horses afterwards.

They arrived in Orbest not too far off schedule. In Orbest they meet:

There is a great sickness in town. People are coughing, wretching and covered in black pustules.

The characters are convinced there is something happening at the temple of Phas-Bel.

The high priest is shifty and seems to be hiding something. A scuffle breaks out and one of the infected priests starts attacking the others. Keret cut his arm off.

Baalthu figures out that the high priest is possessed. He takes control of his body and then a spirit came out. A large rancid fly. It breathed out a swarm of nasty, biting flies. After a difficult fight the characters defeated the fly.

With the help of the priests they determined that the pustules were causing the sickness, once burst and cleaned the sickness quickly faded.

Sandith gave the characters the hand. Silani gave them a writ.

They were ready to return to Rasheik.

Letter in the night
Eilmar invites the players to assist him with a little quest

You are awoken in the middle of the night by a knock on the door. As you go to investigate you discover a letter on the floor. Whoever knocked is no longer there.

You open the letter:

Dear sir

I am in need of your particular set of skills. I am seeking some valuable relics that I believe are held in some nearby ruins. I have been told that you are the best person for the job. I will compensate you considerably for your efforts.

If you are interested in taking on this job please meet me at the Black Dragon Inn tomorrow at dusk.


You know the following

  • The letter was sealed with the seal of House Allapa
  • Eilmar is an antiquities dealer
  • He is not a merchant that you would want to cross
  • The Black Dragon Inn is in a shady part of town and not the sort of place you would want to stay too long after dark

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