Al-Ishusin is the last major city before you enter the great Eastern desert. Many in Al-Irshusin think that civilization ends at the city walls. Those that have visited this city can be forgiven for agreeing with them. It is a city of exquisite beauty and wonder.

Notes from the Traveller’s scrolls.

Al-Irshusin is an ancient city built near what is believed to be the source of the Apsu. It is built on an elevation much higher than the rest of the land. There is a major spring that bubbles out from the Eastern part of the city and flows through the city until it reaches a dam. The dam is opened up to join the Apsu only once the dam is near overflowing during rainy season.

The city is near a marble quarry and the wealthier parts of the city are built from marble. The rest of the city is built with mud bricks.

Being near the edge of the deep desert the city has the most contact with the nomad herders. The city also trades actively in skins and venison from wild desert game.


Places of Interest

Al-Irshusin is the cleanest of all the great cities. There is a large supply of slaves devoted to sweeping and cleaning the streets. Vagrants who overstay their welcome will find themselves slaves very quickly.

The slavers market is situated just outside the city as the noble class complain of the smell from the new slaves.


  • Temple of Bela-Sunat – Al-Irshusin is home to an enormous monument and temple to the Mother Goddess, Bela-Sunat. The temple is built from smooth sandstone and carved marble. The floor of the temple appears to be a single piece of carved white marble. The grand entrance is a scene of exquisite beauty with enormous white curtains separating the public areas from the priests private areas.
  • Temple of Omarosa – The temple of the river goddess is situated near a titanic obelisk that spills water out into the Aspu.
  • Temple of Arakhu – The Eastern gate of the city runs underneath the temple to Arakhu the Lord of the Dunes. This temple is often visited from the outer gate by the nomads paying homage.

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History of Al-Irshusin

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