Campaign Plan

Adventures in the Land of Al-Madinah

This will be a Fantasy game, it will have some elements of epic fantasy, but a very large dose of dark fantasy.

Realistic or cinematic? Characters may be capable of powerful feats. But damage dealt and received will be realistic. Do you really want to don that armour in the desert? Combat will be a reality but it will be painful and brutal. Some of the gods provide healing spells to their clerics, but not all.

Are there multiple planes of existence?
Yes. Each god has dominion over their own realm. The total number of planes is unknown.

General theme of campaign:
Epic adventures with exploration, investigation and intrigue. But don’t forget to pack your sword.

Campaign Background

Campaign’s base city, nation, empire, or planet:
The game takes place in the various city states clustered around the Bay of Mothers Plenty. This is the fertile region in the land of Al-Madinah where a number of competing city states are located. There is the mighty sea to the West and desert in all other directions.

The mighty river Apsu brings life to the region and the cities are mostly located along its banks. You will need to know how to survive in both the cities and the deserts.

Society/government type:
These range from despotic to theocratic depending on each city state. Power tends to be clustered around powerful families, guilds or temples.

Control Rating (laws and customs):
This is a measure of the control exercised by government. CR 4

For most city states many laws exist and most are for the convenience of the state. Taxation is heavy and often unfair.

Exceptions to general CR:
Some city states have higher control ratings, such as the tightly ruled city of Rasheik, which is closer to CR 5 (Repressive – there are many laws and regulations that are strictly enforced. Taxation is incredibly heavy and unfair).

Ash-Akkad is slightly more Moderate and almost CR3.5. With the rules and taxes being slightly less repressive.

The CR for the nomadic villages are closer to CR2, but often have unusual customs that when not followed can result in displeasure, but rarely hostility.

Tech level:
2 – Iron Age. Geometry and the usage of scrolls have been adopted.

  • Transportation (TL2): Saddle, roads and triremes
  • Weapons and armour (TL2): Iron weapons, armour and early siege weapons
  • Power (TL1-2): Often based on slave power, but horses and water wheels are used in some cities.
  • Biotechnology and medicine (TL3): Crude prosthetics and anatomical science

Exceptions to general TL:

  • The deeper desert cities are generally TL2 but with some elements of TL1.
  • The Nomadic tribes are TL1.
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Campaign Plan

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