Character generation

The following section is to help players put together suitable characters for exploring the lands of Al-Madinah.

All characters need to be supported with a back story to be agreed with the GM. The aim is to create believable characters that have an established role in the world. 100 points is representative of a person that has exceptional abilities but is not a hero… yet. Your characters will be more powerful at the 200 point range.

GURPS is a completely customisable system and will only be limited by player imagination, but they should make sense for the world. GURPS is not a class based system, but the use of templates will speed up character creation and will give some focus.

Information for PCs

Starting point value allowed for PCs: 200 points
Disadvantage limit: 50 points
Especially useful character types:

Thieves and rogues
Thieves in the Land come in many guises:

  • Pickpockets on the city streets keeping one step ahead of the city guard
  • Cat burglars helping themselves to jewelery and gold from the noble quarters
  • Tomb raiders breaking into tombs of long forgotten kings
  • Assassins hired to murder a political enemy

Warriors in the land include:

  • Soldiers keeping the rabble in line
  • Hired mercenaries defending a noble house
  • Caravan guards keeping the caravans safe from bandit attacks and worse
  • Bandits stalking the deserts taking their toll from the wealthy merchants

There are many people keeping the cities ticking over using their skills and labour to create items of value

  • Smiths
  • Bakers
  • Glass blowers
  • Tanners
  • Builders

Sorcerors are those that are innately touched by magic. It courses through their veins. They are skilled in a few very powerful spells. However, they often wear the curse visibly as the spells change their bodies, leaving them scarred and burned.

Priests perform many functions:

  • Warrior priests and clerics that defend their faith
  • Scholars that learn more about theology and rituals
  • Bureaucrats that keep the churches functioning

The nomads are as varied as the city dwellers often performing the very same roles. But there are also some that are distinct:

  • Hunters that track through the desert
  • Night stalkers that specialise in moving unseen through the desert
  • Shaman that perform rituals and magic for their tribes

List of advantages
List of disadvantages
List of skills

Especially appropriate professions:

List of jobs

Especially inappropriate professions:


PC races allowed:

City dweller

Starting Wealth levels allowed: No formal restrictions
Starting Status levels allowed: No formal restrictions
Starting TLs allowed: TL 2. TL 1 disadvantage available for nomads.
Languages available: Common, trading Pidgen, Nomad
Cultural Familiarities available: Driven by city, nomad and race.

Special Abilities Allowed for PCs


Magic in the campaign

See Magic in Al-Madinah and Clerical Magic.

General mana level: Normal
Do areas of higher/lower mana exist? Yes.
Are any of the spells from Chapter 5 off limits? Yes.
Legal or social restrictions on these abilities: Yes.

Name Generator

Downloadable data and name generator.

Suggested or required reading for players:

Arabian Nights, the books of Genesis and Exodus, the Epic of Gilgamesh.
Wikipedia links:

Mesopotamian religion
Bronze Age
Babylonian religion

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