Deities - Summary

As the sun is permitted to rise each morning by the blessing of Bel-Sarra so is it that we are permitted another day on this great land. Do not forget the power of our lords and do not presume their blessing.

The collection of letters of Rimsin and Yareh

The people of Al-Madinah are polytheistic. Individuals often favour one god, but it is rare for any other than a priest to exclusively follow a single god.

The gods represent supreme beings that are as old as the universe itself. Some of the gods are mortals that have done deeds so great that they have ascended the stairs of immortality and are worshiped as gods themselves.

Each god has a number of different beings and champions that they can call upon to do their bidding. These range from demons, spirits and djiin to more mundane high priests and acolytes.

Priests in society
The gods each grant a unique array of spells that their priests can draw upon. See Clerical Magic for further details. The priests are all revered by the people. In some city states they even take on significant bureaucratic roles. Some priests are closer to politicians than spell users.

While ordinary folk are free to worship who they will, but some of the gods are slightly more demanding than others. Priests are not permitted to follow other gods. Priests may be called upon to act against the followers of other gods where their activities are at odds with those of their own god.

List of the gods
The gods are as follows:

Major Deities

God Domain
Amott-Nim God of entropy
Arakhu God of the desert and sands
Assoros God of the rain and storms
Aya Goddess of agriculture
Bela-Sunat Mother Goddess
Bel-Sarra God of the sun and the heavens
Daon God of knowledge and secrets
Eresh-Kigal Goddess of the underworld
Illinos God of the sea
Kir-Shem God of war
Phas-Bel God of law and justice
Taauth Goddess of change

Minor Deities

God Domain
Ana-Gishu Goddess of the moon
Bau Goddess of fertility and virility
Iltani Goddess of plants
Kishar Goddess of beer and fermentation
Melech Artificer god
Omarosa Goddess of rivers
Sardan God of merchants and trade
Shar-Kali God of dreams
Shub-Ad Goddess of shadows
Zaidu The Hunter god
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Deities - Summary

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