Magic in Al-Madinah


Magic is a powerful force in the land and has its influence everywhere. Wielders of magic can force the universe to bend to their will. Such powers come at a cost however. Sorcerers risk altering the reality around them or, more likely, themselves.

Magic in society

Sorcerers as they are often called are believed to be touched by the gods. They often carry scars or other marks of a particular god. However, they don’t seem to require further devotion to any specific god. Powerful sorcerers can be identified by the scars they carry.

Sorcerers are viewed with a certain element of distrust and suspicion by common folk. In particular people don’t want to attract the attention of the gods without cause and they believe that being too close to sorcerers might draw notice or worse, ire.

Spells in Al-Madinah have the ability to be big and flashy.

Sorcerers tend to be eccentric and strange. They tend to be tolerated by average townsfolk as long as they are not seen as meddling or evil.

Character creation

Magic is based on the Thaumatology: Sorcery rules modified by the Threshold Magic rules in GURPS Thaumatology with some modifications from corruption in GURPS Horror. It is recommended that spells are built with the Sorcery rules and GURPS Powers will assist with this.


  • Players need sorcerous empowerment (“Sorcery”) – this determines maximum spell levels and the level of spells that can be improvised
  • Sorcery talent – this talent adds to effective skill levels for various spell related skills (e.g. innate attack)
  • Known spells are purchased as advantages

Casting spells

  • Spells require 2 concentrate actions (though the second action might be an attack action).
  • Instead of the -5% Costs Fatigue Points (FP) limitation on spells this is treated as Adds to Corruption Tally -5%. This means that each spell costs the same as Sorcery spells from the book (and other sources), but each spell adds to a Corruption Tally (CT) instead of the fatigue cost.
  • Spells do not require FP to cast, rather each spell adds a number of points to CT at a rate of 5% of the underlying advantage of the spell. So more expensive spells add a more to CT.
  • Improvised (including hardcore improvisation) add to CT instead of spending FP.
  • The CT Threshold is 20. These are recovered at a rate of 12 per day.
  • Calamities resolve as per the Sorcerous Calamity Table – note that the detailed table is GM only.

Grimoire of spells

The big Grimoire of Spells.

Learning new spells

New spells are purchased as new advantages. However the player is not given free reign on how to do this, all new spells need to be appropriately researched with a period of study. This will require appropriate rolls on research, forgotten lore, Thaumatology type skills.

In addition, to use an improvised spell the first concentration action requires a successful thaumatology roll (plus Sorcerous Talent).


Sorcerer Templates

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Magic in Al-Madinah

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