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Greetings Traveller. Welcome to the Land of Al-Madinah.

This is a harsh and cruel world. It is a land of sweeping dunes, sand storms and barren rocky wastes. Its people are cruel and tough. The sun is strong and unrelenting. Humans cluster in a number of large cities for safety or some bravely travel as nomads where the herds take them.

This is a land of magic; magic fueled by pain and sacrifice. People labour under cruel dictators and slavery is common place. People are wary of strangers and suspicious of that which they do not understand. The laws are unfair and the punishments harsh.

Do not be fooled. Despite the dangers, extreme power exists for you to grasp in this world. The gods can smash mountains into dust, priests wield the powers of their masters and it is said that those touched by the sorcery of the gods can unleash fire and lightning like the gods themselves. Heroic warriors stalk the land and men flock to them to declare their loyalty.

Be careful on your journey through this land. If you survive it you may just learn the real meaning of power.

What should I know?

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Character creation

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Tell me about society in the Land?

Laws, social norms and customs

What is known of the physical world?
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