Rasheik is an imposing place. The city is a marvel of architecture and skilled artisans all trapped in the shadow of the dreaded tower. You can almost feel the eyes of the Wizard-Priest on your back as you walk through the streets. How do the locals not go mad thinking of it?

Notes from the Traveller’s scrolls

The mighty city of Rasheik is the Southernmost of the Great Cities. It is surrounded by the dunes and has the barren scraggy lands to the South West. It is rumoured to be built on the ruins of a smashed mountain.

Rasheik has access to water via some underground reserves but is generally the driest of the cities and water is still scarce. The city has access to nearby quarries and iron mines. The route from Rasheik to Ash-Akkad is known as the Slavers Road as many slaves are brought to Rasheik to work the mines and quarries.

The city is built in a circular shape around an enormous finger-like spire that points to the heavens. This spire is the palace of the mighty priest-wizard Rasheik. He rules over his city like a tyrant. The city’s buildings are mostly made from stone, a luxury item in most cities but found in abundance here. Mighty city walls surround the city, with an inner set of walls separating the inner wealthy areas from the outer slums.

Taxes are high and punishments in the city are extremely severe. The riches of the ground keep the city functioning. There is a healthy supply of merchants and traders throughout the city.

Rumours abound of riches and epic ruins beneath the city.


Places of interest

The Obsidian Tower is the palace of Rasheik is a mighty sight to behold. It can be seen a days out from the city. It is believed that Rasheik himself spies on the citizens from above. Although he has not been seen in public for years. The Obsidian Tower is a ziggurat built from black rock and obsidian. It is the tallest standing structure in the land. It is impossibly tall for its footprint and the stairs wind up it rather than heading straight up one side like a normal ziggurat.

The market place is a bustling, sweaty and dusty hive of activity with traders selling all sorts of fine wares. The city is known for its smiths and jewelers and there is no shortage of them.

The Slavers Market is an immense square with cages and pits with humans and lizards of all sizes and shapes for sale. The ground is stained with blood and excrement and the smell of fear is almost tangible.


  • Temple of Zaidu – There is an temple to Zaidu outside the city walls to the South. It was once isolated but the small town of Ubar built up around it.
  • Temple of Kir-Shem – The largest temple in the city is to Kir-Shem built in the shape of a khopesh along the Northern wall of the city. It is rumoured that the temple has access to a large cavern system below the city.
  • Temple of Melech – The forge temple of Melech can be found in the South of the city.

People of importance

History of the city

History of Rasheik

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