The Dark One

Probably the greatest tragedy to beset mankind and the tempests was the life and unlife of this man. It starts many centuries ago with a simple blacksmith in what is believed to be the old city of Izmir.

This blacksmith, named Danel, was a great smith and an incredibly hard worker. He was happily married and had three children. He was a devotee to the order of Melech. After many years he became the head of the Priesthood and his teachings became the foundations of many of the creeds today.

Shortly after his promotion to the head his wife became incredibly ill and died soon afterwards. He was devastated and Melech blessed him with the love of a devotional and young wife. He treated her well, but could never love her as he did his first wife. When she bore him a son he could not love him either.

So the boy, whose name is not known, was born to a great father and a loving mother. His father treated him well and gave him all that he could ask for, except love. His home was seemingly wonderful yet it was rotting away. Both the boy and his mother yearned for the attention of Danel, but Danel was too devoted to his faith.

The boy was an outcast and could not even earn the respect of his perfect brothers. He also lacked the skills of smithing that the rest of his family all seemed to have in abundance.

The boy became devoted to his mother and thrived on her love instead. As he approached adolescence this love turned into lust and he became confused and angry.

Amott-Nim had noticed this state of affairs and offered a helping hand. He possessed the body of the woman and allowed the boy to follow through with his lusts. This act also caused the boy to receive some of Amott-Nim’s powers.

Afterwards the boy continued to sleep with his mother. One day they were discovered by Danel. He was furious and attacked his son. The boy who was yet to discover his powers was terrified and in his fear he caused the room to burst into flames and the earth to crack. Danel was knocked out by falling masonry and perished in the blaze.

The boy grabbed his mother and pulled her out of the house. She refused to leave with her strangely powerful son and fled.

Now that he had lost his entire family he left into the desert where he was welcomed by the serpent Treachery.

Unbeknownst to Amott-Nim and the boy, he had impregnated his mother. She later gave birth to a beautiful and dark haired girl named Talliya.

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The Dark One

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