The Tale of Azmal

Driven by the belief that his sister Sheral was innocent of her accused crime of kidnapping Izmir, Azmal set out into the desert to track the kidnappers of Izmir. It did not take the great hunter long to identify some unusual tracks leaving the city. The tracks resembled those of the desert snakes, although much larger.

He followed at great speed yet seemed to be moving much slower than his quarry. Desperate he fell to his knees and begged for his parents to aid him. His father sensing his torment sent one of his great elk for Azmal to ride. The beast stood tall and strong, its fine coat reflected the blazing rays of the sun making it appear angelic with a magnificent halo of light. Its mighty antlers reached high above its head. Azmal mounted it quickly and set off to follow the trail. As they left he felt the winds of Bela-Sunat catch them from behind to speed them along.

They sped along the trail and Azmal sensed that they were drawing incredibly close. The ground was becoming rockier and they were nearing a range of small mountains. The trail that he was following now split into thousands of directions. Baffled by this Azmal followed one at random. He went over a rise and gasped in horror. Stretched out below him was a rocky bowl filled with various ponds of water and thousands of man sized serpents. Ranging in colours from greens to browns to blacks to blues. While he stared down his elf twitched nervously. The serpents were writhing over one another and lounging in the sun. Azmal was wracked with horror, never in all his life had he seen such a ghastly sight.

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The Tale of Azmal

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