The Woe of Izmir

Treachery, the serpent of Amott-Nim brought Izmir far across the desert sands to a place where rocks burst out from the earth and stretched high towards the skies like claws defying the earth far below.

This location is a highly contested point among many learned men and it has often been sought out.

These rocks were Izmir’s prison bars for many a frightful day. Amott-Nim came to visit her every night and his serpents guarded her during the day. He took out all his malice for mankind upon the ill-fortuned woman. He raped and mutilated her for hours at a time and cursed and dejected mankind in her presence for the rest.

After more days than the poor women could count he left her not to return. Treachery did not return to guard her. Alone she wept not knowing where to go.

After she had no more tears to weep a miracle happened. From the blood spilled on the sand during her last rape a tree burst forth. It grew taller than her and was covered in refreshing fruits. She ate her full and slept peacefully for the first time in many nights. When she awoke she discovered that she was pregnant.

Within hours of this discovery she was going into labour. She forced out a black and shiny mangle of flesh from her groin. The mass writhed and tore itself free from the thick placenta that coated it. Disgusted she could only watch in horror as the mass separated into four beings that licked themselves clean of the base black after birth. Four ugly, pitch black, fanged humanoids with red eyes howled and wriggled in the desert sand in front of the paralysed woman.

As she sought a weapon to kill her foul offspring Amott-Nim’s serpent arrived and rescued them. It picked them up gently in its mouth and slithered away. Drained after the emotional and painful ordeal she slept again.

When she awoke she grabbed as many of the fruit as she could carry and headed off into the desert.

A few days later she arrived in a delirious state in a small human settlement. A caring elk keeper took her in and tended her wounds. He was a calm and accepting nomad Mastamel. He accepted her unwillingness to speak of her ordeal and never questioned her of it. They later had many children together. It was many years before news of the fate of her siblings reached the small nomadic herd. She, however, only divulged her identity to her youngest son on her deathbed.

It is interesting to note that after her escape she aged at a normal rate, perhaps the abuse at the hand of god destroyed her immortality. It is believed that the fruit she ate from was the first of the Mercy Fruit trees.

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The Woe of Izmir

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