The Land of Al-Madinah

Caravan to Rasheik
Big Red is hiring

Ash-Akkad was abuzz with activity. Rumours were flying that there was to be a Wedding! Hormano the merchant was arranging to have one of his daughters, Kira to be wed to a prince in Rasheik. The Southern market was crowded with folks jostling to be hired to the mightiest caravan seen in generations.

Hormano was sparing no expense. Rumour was that there was going to be hundreds of horses and camels as part of the caravan. Some had even caught glimpses of five mighty wagons absolutely loaded with gifts and produce.

Sargon a nomad caravan guard had only been in town for a few days when the news reached him. He quickly found out that the caravan was hiring guards, dancers, cooks, animal handlers and more. He sought out the hiring staff and jostled his way into the queue for the guards.

Gilgamesh the priest of As-Sumon had also made his way to the hiring square. He was on a pilgrimage to spread the word of the Mother Goddess and a caravan to the sordid city of Rasheik was a great opportunity to do so.

The guards were surprised to see a holy man applying for a post and were most interested to see him and to received blessings. An older guard captain asked the priest to demonstrate his use to the caravan. The young priest knelt to the ground and bowed his head, praying for a blessing from As-Sumon. By her blessing he brought forth water from the dry sand at his feet. The guards let out a mighty roar and cheered to As-Sumon.

Nearby Sargon had been sorted into a group to be tested for their combat prowess. They were armed with wooden weapons and assigned sparing partners. They were not to to cause wounds to their opponents. His quickly bested his first opponent, a young but strong boy. The guards assigned him a stronger opponent for his second bout. A mighty beast of a man armed with a huge curved blade.

This was a much closer battle. Sargon and his opponent circled each other and tested each others’ defenses. With each parried blow the big warrior grew angrier. After a couple more testing strikes the larger warrior landed a successful blow to Sargon’s shoulder. It was evident that the brute had stopped holding back.

Sargon reeled slightly and knew he had to be careful. He waited for the large warrior to charge him down. He ducked under the swing and landed a successful strike to his opponent’s legs and sent him tripping to the floor.

The guards called the fight off then. Sargon had proved his worth. Both Gilgamesh and Sargon were told that the caravan would leave at dawn in two days time. They could get any gear they needed from the caravan guards. Otherwise new recruits had this time to themselves.

[More to come]

Character creation
Tentative steps into the Land


  • Tyler
  • Joe
  • Dave
  • Richard

The players had been given an opportunity to read through the Al-Madinah pages and get a feel for the land. They are given 150 points to play with and aimed towards characters that have some physical abilities and can hold their own.

The only thing I discouraged is highly ranked nobles. They need something a little more gritty.

The game will begin in Ash-Akkad but won’t be there for too long and will focus around Rasheik in the early stages of the game.


I will add final links once all the characters are up.

Gilgamesh (Joe)

A priest of As-Sumon from the city of Al-Fidur. He is on a pilgrimage to learn more of the world and to spread the deeds of the mother Goddess.

He has some skill with the bow (as many from Al-Fidur do) and due to his wanderings he knows his way around deserts and the trader routes. He is relatively naive and lived a sheltered childhood in the protection of the priesthood, but his eyes are opening to the realities of the Land.

He knows a couple of healing, plant and water spells as part of As-Sumons gifts.

Sargon (Richard)

Sargon is a tough nomad that has spent most of his life working the trade routes in the Southern cities. He is a capable warrior and hunter. He is handy with swords, spears and javelins. He has a detailed knowledge of many of the common trade routes and is more than at home in the harsh deserts of the Land.

Sargon has a very athletic build; he is tall and strong. He is a bit of loner and is happy to spend his time on his own. He is comfortable with both realities of caravan travel – long patches of lonely boredom and life threatening hostilities.




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