Welcome to the mighty Ash-Akkad. City of dreams. Land of opportunity. This is the city other cities can only aspire to become.

Common sayings of the hawkers and merchants as you enter the markets on the edge of town.

Ash-Akkad is immense in size, it is by far the largest of the cities. It is nestled between the forks of the rivers the Apsu to the north and the Amata to the South. This position creates a fertile area to grow food. Ash-Akkad is the bread basket to the land.

Ash-Akkad is a major trading route linked by the Apsu to As-Ratier and Al-Irsusin and via informal trading roads to Al-Fidur. There is a major trading road called the Slavers Road to Rasheik. The placement along the river provides ample supplies of water relative to the other cities.

The city is full of traders, beggars, merchants, priests and folks of all walks of life. If something can be bought it is likely to be for sale here.


Places of interest

The city is primarily built of clay bricks, giving it a red colouring.

Ash-Akkard is the home of the primary Merchants’ Guild offices. It is a large red bricked building that looms over the main market that goes by the name of the Ivory Hall.

Outside the city there are farms built along the Apsu.


  • The city is home to at least small temples to all the gods.
  • Temple of Aya – There is a major temple to Aya built alongside the Northern bank of the Apsu.
  • Temple of Bel-Sarra – The great ziggurat of Bel-Sarra is the largest structure in Ash Akkad and one of the biggest in the land. It towers over the city and is built with white bricks that blaze in the sunlight. It features large gold statues on each corner in the shape of Shedu, the messengers of Bel-Sarra. It is built in rectangular shape and on its roof is a huge sun-dial.
  • Temple of Iltani – The temple of Iltani is constructed inside of a huge white tree near the shores of the Amata river.
  • Temple of Sardan – Built near the Merchant’s Guild offices is the temple of Sardan. The high priests of Sardan are believed to have considerable sway over the guild operations. The temple is an interconnected set of smaller temples and buildings that include a network of gardens, warehouses and residences.

People of importance


History of Ash-Akkad

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