God of the sun and the heavens

Bel_Sarra was the first of the gods. He was the light that powered life. Bel-Sarra has dominion over the heavens. On occassion he yields it to unleash the fury of his brother, Assoros to allow the rains to support the Land.

Nature and purpose
Bel-Sarra embodies the most powerful entity in the desert, the sun.

Bel-Sarra controls the fire that protect mankind from the creatures of the night. The fire that cooks their food, the fire that burns away disease and the fire that cleanses the flesh and the spirit.

Bel_Sarra is the distant, but powerful father figure. The leader of the gods. And the vanquisher of enemies.

Bel-Sarra is eternal. He is volatile like a fire. He can smoulder away for days without being noticed and once the fuel is lit he will explode with righteous fury. He is stern and fierce.

Physical forms
Bel-Sarra often takes the form of a middle-aged man. With a large well kept and braided grey-black beard and firey red eyes. He wears bronze armour and a red cloak. His chosen weapon is a spear, which he can stab or hurl like a beam of light.

Bel-Sarra resides in the palace of gold with the liquid moat of fire. His throne is bronze polished to an almost reddish hue. His servants of fire attend to his needs and run his errands.

Followers of Bel-Sarra are often identified by the red and white robes. But up close it is the burn marks to their flesh that truly identify them. Bel-Sarra requires branding and burning to attone for sins and transgressions.

Divine servants and creatures
Bel-Sarra’s favoured creatures are the hawks and eagles in the sky.
He has his flame spirits ranging from the candle orbs to the scinder demons.

The symbol of Bel-Sarra is a sun shaped disc.

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