Family life

Family units
Society is based around the family unit. This is typically represented by the patriarch, the primary wife and any contract wives that are taken by the father. See further on Marriage customs.

In a household you will often find a number of generations living under one roof. Upon the death of the patriarch control of the household does not automatically fall to the children, but the primary wife as long as she is of sound mind.

Once she is infirm or dead the household will become under the control of the eldest child with children. See further in the Rules of inheritance.

Gender roles
Both genders have rights to property, marriage, children and education. Both genders can take over the family leader role.

All children of upper roles are expected to be educated. It is a sign of great shame if a child is not educated.

Honour plays a significant role in everyday life. Families take their personal honour very seriously and will significantly punish those that they feel bring it into disrepute, which include their own family members.

Society will often shun those people that have behaved dishonourably.

Treatment of the disabled, elderly and infirm

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Family life

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