The Merchants' Guild

The Merchants’ guild is not a typical guild. It is one of the few guilds to have offices that span across all of the city states. It also doesn’t have members in the ordinary sense, rather than being made up of individuals the Merchants’ Guild is actually a collection of Merchant Houses.

The Guild provides a communication network that links buyers and sellers together. Its offices throughout the cities tend to be meeting halls and warehouses. Where merchants of any sized operation can find buyers for their wares or sources for goods or transport.

Many smaller guild houses cannot afford their own caravans, so the Guild allows them to band together under a Merchants’ Guild caravan where they can split the transport, insurance, storage and security costs.

The Guild House in Ash-Akkad is their finest building and is also know as the Ivory Hall. The Ivory Hall is situated next door to the temple of Sardan. The main hall is a gathering place for merchants, artisans, mercenaries and caravan guards. It also has deep cellar warehouses and a large stables. It is said that the study areas have a large collection of detailed maps.

The other primary service offered by the Guild is a postal service. The Guild has access to a number of riders and nomads that are able to take messages and small packages to the Guild offices in other cities. This is normally done alongside a caravan trip, but in rare circumstances they could send a parcel separately.

Some of the major Merchant Houses are:

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The Merchants' Guild

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