God of hunting

Zaidu is the first son of Arakhu. Born to an indifferent father, Zaidu learned the hard way about surviving in the desert. That harsh reality created a resourceful and powerful hunter. There are none that can sneak their way through the desert as stealthily as Zaidu.

Nature and purpose
Zaidu is a popular god with the nomads, particularly the tribal hunters. He grants support to hunters. He gives the knowledge, patience and good luck that is occasionally needed to complete a hunt.

It isimportant to Zaidu, and to hunters, that the prey are resepcted and their sacrifice does not go to waste. Every part of the animal is important and should go to the benefit of the tribe.

Zaidu embodies patience, dedication, stealth and physical prowess. He embodies freedom and escape from the demands of society. He also embodies comraderie in the shared hunt.

Physical forms
Zaidu normally takes the form of a youthful nomad hunter. Lithe and sleekly muscled. He adorns himself with a leather tunic and bone decorations.

Zaidu has no fixed place of abode. He seems to drift through the deserts following the herds at will.

He is mostly worshipped by the nomads, particularly during important festivals when his good grace provides the bounty.

Divine servants and creatures
Most of his support comes from the creatures of the desert, from the desert wolf packs to the solitary desert cats.

The symbol of Zaidu is a lone sand coloured wolf.

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