It is often said that one should never trust a man from Al-Fidur. They are best left to their own devices and their strange ways.

Common views of the Northern states

Al-Fidur is the Northernmost of the great cities and the one that is the least visited by people from the other cities. Al-Fidur is built in a fertile region that is located close to the only natural forest in the land.

Al-Fidur is known as a city of sailors. The supply of wood from the forest has enabled them to build and operate small triremes. They operate the coastal trade route. The people of Al-Fidur are very superstitious and many of the sailors will rather sleep on their boats than in the other coastal cities.

They are also skilled craftsmen with wood. They are also renowned archers.


Places of Interest

The city is made predominantly of wooden structures covered in dried mud. It is less populated than the other major cities.


  • Temple of Illinos – There is a large temple dedicated to the Sea God Illinos built on an island just of the coast of the city.
  • Temple of Shar-Kali – The pyramid of Shar-Kali is found in the northernmost part of the city. This is a major pilgrimage point for any person wishing to consult with the Oracle, the high priestess of the God of Dreams.
  • Temple of Ana-Gishu – The temple of the Moon Goddess is a round black domed building near the centre of the city.

People of Importance

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