It is said that when you are in As-Ratier there are three things you should do: 1) Seek out the temple of Shub-Ad, the priestesses are a sight to behold. 2) Visit the bridge over the Apsu where it joins the Bay of Mothers Plenty and 3) don’t get bitten by mosquitoes.

General folklore saying.

As-Ratier is built on the delta where the Apsu flows into the Bay of Mothers Plenty. It is an over crowded city and the high levels of humidity make in sweltering and often unbearable. During the rainy season you will either be wet from sweat or from the sheets of drizzle that occur every other day or thereabouts.

The city is abuzz with activity and the drone of insects. The city is built in a swamp and the effect is noticeable. The buildings are covered in grime and damp stains. The streets have open sewerage gutters on either side that carry human waste and dump it into the sea…when the rains wash it along that is.

Much of the cities trade comes via boat down the Apsu from Ash-Akkad or via the sea from Ash-Nutesh. This key position between two of the largest cities make it a vibrant trading port, though the uncomfortable climate puts off most of the very wealthy merchants from making a permanent residence here. The cities prime export is lush and exotic fruits that thrive in the humid conditions. On the outskirts of the city are numerous vineyards where spiced wines are made and transported down the river in barrels destined for the rich nobles and merchants of Ash-Akkad.

The other great export of As-Ratier, which most of the upper class in other cities would joke about is pestilence. It is only a slight exaggeration that most plagues are birthed in the foul waters that run through the city.


Places of Interest

The city is built on various islands in the swampy waters of the delta connected by a number of stone and wooden bridges. The wealthier parts of town are to the northern edge of the city. As-Ratier is unique as being the only unwalled city in the land.

The market square is built in the centre of the city on the largest island.

Bay Bridge is the widest bridge and spans over one of the widest sections of the Apsu just before it meets the sea. The sight is most impressive at the end of rainy season when the sea is in for high tide.


  • Temple of the Twins – The temple dedicated to the twins, Amot-Nimm and Taauth can be located in the city. It is made up of a black and a white tower and is situated on one of the mini islands towards the centre of the city. A number of the main canals run past the island.
  • Brewery of the Gods – The temple of Kishar is situated on the river. All the winery brew houses make annual pilgrimages and tithes to the goddess of beer and fermentation.
  • Temple of Shadows – The temple of Shub-Ad is situated on a small island near the shore. It is a black building situated in a grove of grey mangrove trees.

People of Importance

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