Ash-Nutesh is often compared to an ant-hill, with all the workers swarming up and down it performing their jobs dutifully in organised chaos. This is mostly true – apart from the description of organised. Anyone claiming the city is organised is deluded at best.

Al-Virashi, extracts from the Templar recordings.

Ash-Nutesh is built in the foothills that extend into the Peaks of Resounding Pain and on the shores of the Bay of Mothers Plenty. The city is built into the hills with much of the city built underground in hollowed out caves of the hills.

Being on the sea brings many gifts to the people of the city. Its primary exports include dried fish, sea shell ornaments and pearls. The city is referred to as the city of labourers. Not only because of the large number of slaves but also due to the fact that the city is affectionately known for its devotion to Phas-Bel. Phas-Bel is the god associated with hard work and justice.

The city is a deep sea port which links it to As-Ratier and Al-Fidur. There is also a steady trade via road to Rasheik.


Places of Interest

The city is home to an immense library of scrolls, parchments and even stone tablets detailing some ancient stories and legends of old.

Ancient catacombs can be found in some of the more central hill mounds. Many of these are sealed and feared to be haunted.


  • Temple of Phas-Bel – The largest temple of Phas-Bel can be found in the central hill mound underneath an immense statue dedicated to the father god.
  • Temple of Assoros – There is a huge temple dedicated to the Storm God built near the port. All arrivals via the sea must step through an arch built below the temple.
  • Temple of Daon – The Great Library is also the Temple of Daon. It is thought to be the largest repository of ancient knowledge in the land. However entrance to the temple is not open to the public for free. Often visitors are required to make unusual donations to be granted access.
  • Temple of Eresh-Kigal – The temple of the Black-Veiled Bride is found deep under the city at the entrance to the catacombs.

People of Importance

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