God of the rain and storms

The second god to come to the Land, Assoros deferred to the might of Bel-Sarra. When his blood was spilled it gave way to the rains and life. It is said that whenever he battles Bel-Sarra for dominion of the heavens the rains and storms arrive.

Assoros holds dominion of the rains and storms. He is volatile and angry like the heavens above.

It is said that he sits atop a black iron throne in a world of lightning that lashes with rain. His servants include the water and lighting sprites.

Assoros often takes the form of a tall, lean man with a large black, forked beard. He wears his hair long and plaited. His eyes are flashes of purple and blue. He wears long blue robes and black iron wrist bands with a black iron belt buckle.

His colours are dark blue, purple and black. His symbol is a spear and khopesh.

His volatile nature is reflected in his gifts. He fluctuates from being a bringer of life to being a destroyer. His gifts always have double edge. It barely rains in the Land, but when it does it comes down hard. The Apsu is likely to flood and the lightning brings danger and death.

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