Campaign Plan

Campaign name: Adventures in the Land of Al-Madinah

Starting year: To be determined
Rate game time passes: To be determined
Genre: Fantasy
Realistic or cinematic? Mostly realistic
Are there multiple planes of existence? Yes. General populace is aware of planes for fire, earth, water and air. The lands of Samhein are considered as another plane. Some characters are aware of other planes.

General theme of campaign: Exploration, investigation with a healthy dash of adventure

Campaign Background

Campaign’s base city, nation, empire, or planet: City states clustered around the Bay of Mothers Plenty
Society/government type: Range from despotic to theocratic depending on city state
Control Rating: 4
Exceptions to general CR: Some city states have higher control ratings, such as Rasheik.
Tech level: 2
Exceptions to general TL:
*Inner desert cities are generally TL1
*Nomadic tribes are TL1
*Medicine TL3 (crude prosthetics)
*Power TL1 for most cities, primarliy the use of slaves. TL2 in Ash-Nitesh (water wheels)
Brief description of important neighboring powers, political/economic situation, etc.:

[See cities page]

Campaign Plan

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