House Maru

House Maru is one of the oldest houses in Ash-Akkad. They are a royal family that is also one of the largest merchant houses. They claim lineage to the city back to the days of Akkadia.

House Maru is a great land owner along the banks of The Apsu. The House owns thousands of acres of farmland. They also own one of the oldest breweries in the Land.

The House began as land owners and farmers and to this day that is still a major part of their business. They also own tremendous amounts of riverboats and control much of the trade along the Apsu and the Amata. Their vineyards, orchards and breweries are unsurpassed in quality.

Key people
Maru Musi is the feared, but rarely seen matriarch of House Maru.
Gallum Maru is the Lord in charge of the operations of House Maru.

The symbol of House Maru is the Blue Lion on the black banner. This stems from the original patron, Lord Maru, a mighty warrior that earned a fierce reputation in battle.

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House Maru

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